What sex toy do you like best

5 min readMay 6, 2021


Sex and food are very important.

It can be a matter of one person, of course, it can also be a matter of two people, or if you have “bad taste”, it can also be a matter of multiple people.

Although I have no plans to try sex with more than two people, this is not because of shame (this kind of boring feeling), but it is so difficult to find someone as boring as me, let alone find “multiple” like-minded people People? So I can live well alone. This world is so boring, not only the people in it are boring, but things don’t make much sense. As an ordinary boring person, I may only have “my own sexual life”, which is barely considered interesting and can be shared with everyone.

My name is K and I am a 22-year-old girl. When I learned that the daily newspaper wanted to interview me, I was really surprised, especially when I learned that the daily newspaper wanted to interview my “sexual life”. I can only hehe, I thought it was because I was so beautiful that you wanted to understand me, hahaha. I am a normal woman, and you can even say that I am a serious person. In the United States, I am barely an adult. For many things, I like to make up my own mind, and I can also get the right idea (in most cases). For example, when I buy online, I choose to spend $100 on quality The best silicone massage stick to satisfy yourself, or to buy erotic underwear to satisfy others, the answer is…A.

I like to try new things, such as sex, such as food. I have intermittent autism and I am emotional. Although I have many friends and carry many stories, I don’t want to disturb them with my insignificant emotions. Perhaps it is precisely because I am so “energy-saving and trouble-free” that I am very popular and have made boyfriends from several countries.

Sex toys are my adult gift to myself

When I was 18 years old, I was in China, and my parents said to me, “You are finally an adult.” At the age of 21, I was in the United States. Only then did I realize what it’s like to be an adult. As far as the relationship between men and women is concerned, it’s hard to have pink bubbles in the air, and it’s hard to have a night of excitement that I can’t fall asleep. I can learn the movie bridge and drop a kiss and a bunch of numbers on the bar’s receipt. It can also be elegant. I stepped on my high heels to get rid of the feelings I don’t need.

Because there is no suitable in the relationship, only more suitable. After I met him, if a more suitable person appeared, I was likely to be shaken, and others treated me the same way. When I met Lu Haizhi with better hardware facilities than mine, I would say “Sorry, we are not suitable, you are a Good girl, you deserve a good man to love you.” Although I generally play the kind of good hardware facilities, I understand that “when something better than me appears, we may end.” So I have grown up and I understand, who is not riding a donkey and looking for a horse? If you didn’t change your original intention, no matter how high or low you are, it is your parents.

Sorry, I live with a wolf in my heart. I like to face my desires directly. So on the night of my 21st birthday, I bought dildo and vibrate, which is similar to a vibrator in Chinese, since the first time a man gave it to With left and right hands, why can’t women?

I am very busy, both studying and working. I often don’t have time to eat a bite. Sometimes when my body needs it, I just do it myself, I don’t need to spend two hours bathing and making up for the last half hour, and two hours eating. Flirting, opening the room two hours before the play, not to mention how many hours of seduce each other before and after, forgive me for being vulgar and direct.

On the one hand, I like sex, and on the other hand, it is difficult to find someone that satisfies me. There are a lot of things to deal with in life, and I still have a lot of friendship to maintain, so sometimes I would rather solve it by myself, just like men will do it by themselves. There is nothing shameful about it. My American roommates use it too, but it seems My Chinese friends have a contemptuous attitude towards this. They still look forward to the person wearing a golden armor and holy robe and walking on the colorful clouds with their feet.

But I’m sorry, the fairy tales are all deceptive. Facing desire, facing loneliness, and meeting someone who has a good job and a good person, I don’t mind developing a stable physical relationship with him. However, when I am alone, I am willing to spend money on erotic underwear and buy myself a vibrator, a meal, and a bottle of red wine to release all the pressure and desire for men.

I have many friends, I laugh a lot, and I am no different between male friends and female friends. My inner world is not lonely. I play the piano, draw pictures, and travel. I also feel that the gift of vibrator gives me an independent world in which everyone can be accommodated.

The happiness that sex toys bring to us cannot be expressed in words. Just like the sex dolls that many people buy now, she is also a sex toy, but she is a comparative adult sex toy. She is a sub It is a full-size sex doll and a torso sex doll. She looks very realistic. When you have sex with her, you will feel like a real person has sex.

What kind of sex toy do you like? Be sure to choose the sex toy that suits you so that you will have the best experience and let your whole body release.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.