Where can I buy sex dolls?

4 min readApr 25, 2022

After you’ve learned about sex dolls, you may want to buy one yourself, but it’s not ubiquitous

1. Local sex shops

If you’re from a developed area, there are plenty of local sex shops that probably sell sex dolls there too, but for smaller shops there usually isn’t a lot of stock, which means it can be difficult to find the face shape and figure you like, but the owner usually has a way of getting it, doesn’t he?

You can use Google Maps to locate a sex shop near you.

You can search for words like ‘sex shop’, ‘sex dolls’ or ‘sex toys’ and there are some results with websites, or for some shops further away you can go to their websites to purchase. The parcel will also arrive in a few days.

Sex shops near you

2. amazon sex dolls

As the world’s largest shopping site, Amazon sells a wide range of products, but also has a strict vetting mechanism for adult products.

You should stay away from some of the lower priced products. Merchants may use pictures of other quality dolls. In fact, you can get torso dolls or inflatable dolls. So you need to check with the seller before buying a sex doll on Amazon.

Sex dolls in Amazon search results

3. Ebay sex dolls

Ebay was originally a second-hand and auction site, but today you can also buy new sex dolls on it. Most sellers ship from China and there are some fakes, so you need to consult and identify them as well.

Sex dolls on eBay

4. In linear doll shops

There are also a number of websites that specialise in selling sex dolls. Most of them are from China. The following recommended sites are listed in order of price from highest to lowest.


RealDoll is an American sex doll website that sells realistic silicone sex dolls where you can even see the pores and veins. Their products also include sex robots, but the prices are amazing, ranging from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

realdoll sex dolls

Sex Dolls

Sexdolls.com is another well known website that is very well known in the industry. They sell a variety of products such as female dolls, male dolls, robot dolls and more. Most of the products are priced at around $2,000.

Sex dolls websites


fansdolls (fansdoll.com) is a Chinese sex doll supplier selling sex dolls from 65cm-180cm. This site has over 1,000 dolls to choose from. Their average price is around USD 1,200.

Fan Doll Sex Dolls

5. Social media about sex dolls

There are also groups or pages about sex dolls on many social media platforms and you can search to find out more.


Facebook prohibits the promotion of adult material, but you can still find some user pages through search results, and you can usually find more sex doll sites on their pages.


You can find many sex doll videos on youtube. Many of the sites sell products that are not exactly the same as the pictures. So check out the actual videos and click on the buy link in the video description to make sure you are buying the same doll.


It is easy to find many sex doll communities through reddit, and it is helpful for newbies to check out the buying experiences shared by others. r/SexDolls is the largest of these communities.

6. sexdollsforum

Dollforum is the largest sex doll forum with many user posts and official listings of trusted sites.

7. Sex doll review sites

Some sex doll review sites can also provide useful information, such as lovedollshops.com, who will recommend dolls based on some reviews and get paid a commission, but this doesn’t stop you from buying a good doll, which is good for both parties.

8. Sex doll porn

On some porn sites such as pornhub you can even find videos of sex dolls and you can get links to buy them or contact the publisher through the video description.

9. more

Do you know of other avenues to buy sex dolls, leave us a comment and let others know.




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