Which brand of sex dolls most resembles humans?

4 min readFeb 21, 2022

All legitimate manufacturers make very realistic sex dolls. These brands are well known and popular. Sex doll owners have many different preferences and their fantasies have been realised. Some sex dolls are used as models for photo shoots. Some sex dolls are companions for lonely people. Some sex dolls are used for aesthetic and sexual purposes. For some sex doll lovers, they want the most human-like sex dolls. If you are one of them, please read on. Here are a few things to help you pick a superhuman sex doll.

AF doll 161 cm chubby with big breasts implanted hair TPE sex doll Hannah


With a really good mix, the sex doll can be incredible to the touch. Her skin is a little cold, but very soft and bouncy with the elasticity of a young woman. You can feel her “bones” when you massage her arms. Her breasts are so soft that you can’t help but crease, slap and play with them.

TPE and silicone are both popular materials. As a rule of thumb, the TPE body is softer than the silicone body. Silicone breasts are softer than TPE breasts. The freckles and veins add extra detail to the skin. Silicone heads are a must as the implanted hair and eyebrows are key to realism.

AF 170CM Red Dress Curvy Doll Chisetsu


In the last few years there have been manufacturers producing life-size weight reduction sex dolls. For example, the Tayu doll is 163cm tall and weighs 26kg, which is the lightest option. Sex doll owners are interested in this, but some complain that the light weight detracts from realism.

TAYU doll 170cm E cup big tits long hair sex doll little Unai

More brands simply make shorter sex dolls, so the weight is easily manageable. For example, the Irontech Doll 103cm sex doll weighs under 20kg. If you require a sex doll that bears a lot of resemblance to a human, you will have to bear a heavier weight. This is because there are no shortcuts to skeleton if you want to pose and hold your sex doll.

Iron dolls

Built-in vagina

The built-in vagina guarantees visual realism. You can choose a specific pubic hair style and labia colour. The built-in vagina almost replicates the feeling of real sex. For maximum resemblance, you must forego the removable vagina. No matter how easy it is to clean, it will ruin the aesthetics and your imagination when you tuck it in and take it out.

AF 170CM European and American Face E Cup Large Breasts Fat High Curve Sex Doll — QITARIA

Editor’s Choice: AF DOLL TPE Silicone Head Sex Doll

The finest blend of design and high quality, the most human-like sex doll at an affordable price, is the AF Doll sex doll. The designers have paid special attention to all the details in the right places. You can’t go wrong with their great shapes.

Meet Elias

AF Doll 166CM Chubby Silicone Head and TPE Body Sex Doll — ELIAS

She is 166 cm tall, similar to a healthy Asian woman. She has huge G-cup breasts and a slim little waist of only 61 cm. Her hips are round and I guarantee you can’t resist the temptation to slap and squeeze them. Overall, she has a very athletic body. She weighs 42 kg and is big enough. She loves to relax in the house and flaunt her goddess figure in a bikini.

You can also meet her twin siblings, Lanyi and Marie.

AF Doll 166CM Chubby Silicone Head TPE Body Sex Doll — LANYI

If you prefer a more petite sex doll, check out Hyde. She is only 161 cm or 5 feet 2 inches.

AF doll 161 cm chubby big boobs implanted hair TPE sex doll Hyde

Hyde is the sexiest brunette. Her face is exquisite. Her eyebrows and eye make-up are spot on. Her juicy lips are very seductive. She is a thick girl. Her breasts are the size of G-cups. Her ass is so big you want to bury your face in it. She has a very realistic built in vagina. She looks and feels like a porn star when she’s lying on your bed! She weighs 48kg, which is close to the weight of a real woman for her size. Your burning desire won’t let the weight stop you.

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