Which brands of physical dolls are trustworthy

4 min readJul 2, 2021


Just now I was raising a doll again, and it happened to look at the doll of Junying’s house. I found that Junying’s products have improved on the chopsticks legs, but my Suyeon at the time had this situation. So it seems that Junying’s price and quality/price ratio are definitely very high.

Then the Soo-yeon I bought before was a split type. To be honest, the split type really doesn’t have any advantages other than easy cleaning. And after washing the famous utensil, it should be put in a ventilated place to let it dry by itself. Otherwise, there will still be a lot of water if you wipe it a little bit and put it in, and it will smell if it is not cleaned. It’s better to buy an integrated doll. After the integrated doll is used, you don’t need to wash the whole body. In fact, you can buy a suitable towel or sponge cushion to insert it and wipe it clean. This is not only less odorous, but also more convenient than disassembling and cleaning. Both of my current two Qishe dolls are cleaned in this way. By the way, if you plan to buy any baby with a size of 165cm or more, it is best to have a bathtub at home, because it is very heavy for people who do not exercise regularly. It would be difficult to move without a bathtub, and it would be very difficult to take a bath. trouble. (Macho, please ignore this advice) When buying clothes, try to buy light-colored clothes. If you want to buy dark-colored clothes for your doll, it is best to soak in salt water, otherwise it will be easy to stain. The safest way is to wrap the doll with shredded meat and wear dark colored clothing. If it is dyed, you can buy the color paste and stick to it. Generally, the color can be removed in about a month.

The problem of solid chests and hollow chests: The advantage of a solid chest is to toss, but it is the same as a stone, which seriously affects the experience. If you buy a doll for dressing up, a solid chest is really a good choice, otherwise it will feel better if you are hollow. It’s just that I have leaked the hollow chest pressure of one of my dolls because of the sudden increase in weight. If you encounter this kind of problem in the future, you don’t need to return to the factory for repair. You only need to use a pump to blow up the air, and then use tpe repair fluid to be careful Just fix it. If the wrist is accidentally crushed, you can also use a knife to carefully cut the wrist, use tape to stick the skeleton of the wrist, and then repair it with a repair agent. Considering that the amount of work is relatively large, this situation It is better to return to the factory. Heating model and voice model: It is not recommended to buy if you have not bought it. Because you don’t know whether the heater and sound generator installed in the doll are produced by the manufacturer or outsourced to other manufacturers, it is difficult to solve the maintenance problem.

Next is the original answer: Junying: tpe, many heads, good price, good quality, high cost performance, good smell and oil. I bought a Xiuyan, but the disadvantage is that the chopsticks legs and the skeleton are too heavy. Qi She: tpe, the head sculpt is the best among tpe. There are many celebrities with the same style, and the European and American faces are very beautiful and three-dimensional. I like European and American faces and don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy silicone. It is highly recommended. I personally bought two unique Occidental children: Victoria and Vampire. The disadvantage is that you can’t speak (although you can explain to the customer service that the effect of the demand is achieved, this point can indeed be improved)

exdoll: Silica gel, I haven’t bought it. The material is more costly and harder than tpe, but it is for this reason that the body of the silicone entity doll, including the face, is more three-dimensional, with higher appearance, and it is not bad for money.

Jin San: I haven’t bought tpe. It is said that the oil smell is okay. You can buy it with confidence. The price is slightly higher than Junying, and the price-performance ratio is moderate.

Cyborg: I don’t understand and have not bought it. Just look at the pictures and discuss it in the post bar. It can be concluded that it is expensive and it is very realistic, and you can buy it without money. Fairy doll: I haven’t bought it before, and the price is affordable. The current product is not very popular but relatively high. It is very in line with the Chinese aesthetics. It is recommended to buy.

Color series: The price is cheap, but in 2017, the car was turned over in the post bar. It may have improved a lot now. Since there are few people discussing this brand, I don’t know the current situation of this doll. Think twice about buying it.

Liuye: tpe, relatively niche, cheap, good smell of oil, I have seen exhibits on the tubing, personally feel good, it is worth buying. That’s roughly it

Nowadays, there are not only many brands of dolls, but they also have various styles, big breast sex dolls, curvy sex dolls, torso sex dolls, mini sex dolls, etc. They are all high-quality and realistic sex dolls, they will bring you the best Good experience, but you still have to be careful when choosing a doll.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.