Which is the best imitation human sex doll on the market now?

5 min readJul 13, 2021

When it comes to physical dolls, I believe everyone is familiar with them. She is becoming more and more common around us. Doll manufacturers are blooming, and each has its own advantages. With the development of the sex doll industry, customers demand sex dolls. taller and taller. They require sex dolls to be infinitely close to real women, the more real the better, and the more real experience the better. Therefore, in recent years, many sex doll manufacturers have turned to the production of silicone dolls. The number of silicone doll manufacturers has changed from a few to dozens. The silicone sex dolls they make are becoming more and more realistic. There are hair transplants, realistic blood vessels, skin texture, freckles, bikini sunburns, etc.

Why choose a physical doll

The serious imbalance between the ratio of men to women is the main reason

There are more and more single men in the world, and the increasing popularity of LGBTQ groups also makes some people start to like physical dolls.

The separation between lovers is getting worse

Due to work or various life needs, couples cannot look forward to being together for a long time. However, everyone has emotional needs and seeks immediate hugs and a sense of security, so some people choose to buy physical dolls for comfort.

Good novelty and freshness

Many people will be curious about the appearance of physical dolls, and curiosity will definitely be reflected in some people. If someone takes the lead, it will definitely affect countless people around. Because under this curiosity, if someone takes the lead, this social atmosphere will spread slowly, forming a huge market impulse.

The price of physical dolls can adapt to all types of people

At present, the physical dolls on the market are divided into high, medium and low grades. The price ranges from a few hundred yuan to 10,000 yuan, or even more than 100,000 yuan. In this way, high, medium and low-income groups can accept such prices, which is another important reason for the hot sales of physical dolls.

What are the physical sex dolls that are already on the market?

The world’s first sex robot

Nowadays, science and technology are getting more and more advanced. Abyss Creations in the United States is a company that specializes in sex toys. They also started with sex toys. After years of development, this sex toy company has become a giant in American sex toys. The founder was an art student before founding the company. During his college years, he had studied sex toys. After graduation, he focused more on sex toys. In the research of sex toys, the sex dolls he researched as early as a few years ago were sold for more than US$3,000 because of the advanced design and the ultimate user experience. Therefore, he became the first to develop a sex toy that fits the human body Wawa, and now the Quanzhen Sex Robot is another major breakthrough in his career.

This sex robot is called “Harmony” and the Chinese name is “Harmony”. The biggest difference between this sex robot and traditional sex dolls is that she has her own personality and body temperature! She has a total of 18 personalities, including extrovert, introvert, cute and lively. Because there is a chip inside the robot, she can talk to the owner like a real person, and will have emotions. More importantly, this sex robot also has a memory function. She can remember the owner’s habits and personality, so that it can be The host provides a more comfortable experience!

One of the things she can let the owner feel that she is close to the real person is that she has body temperature. Because her body is equipped with automatic heating and thermostat, she can provide the most comfortable temperature at any time, which also allows her to get rid of the cold The body gives people a more real feeling.

The appearance of this sex robot is also available in a variety of styles for customers to choose from. Consumers can choose the most suitable robot partner according to their favorites. She also has a permanent memory function, so she is not just a sex toy. She can also give the owner a kind of company.

More and more people like physical dolls?

With the basic control of the epidemic, people’s daily life has returned to the previous level. Freedom of flying is so precious that everyone starts to cherish the present as if they have experienced a catastrophe.

Yes, before this epidemic, our lives may want to seek excitement or be extraordinary, but when everything comes down to life, we don’t want to return to peace. Perhaps ordinary tranquility is the essence of life.

Many people are beginning to understand the meaning of life. Maybe it’s just enjoying a cup of coffee in peace every afternoon, maybe it’s free breathing when going out, or it’s a casual stroll with the whole family on city street corners on weekends.

So everyone wants to understand one thing, live as you should live, and buy dolls if you buy dolls. Although physical dolls are still a relatively obscure term in people’s psychology, as people’s minds continue to open up, this kind of goods has attracted more and more attention. After all, this is a basic human need, and no one can stop it. Many people buy physical dolls to meet their basic needs, and some people have a natural love for dolls. At present, there are many domestic manufacturers that can make dolls quite realistic. With the advancement of technology, dolls can accompany lonely people like family members. After careful design and production by the doll factory, each doll exists like a fairy, and Everyone got visual enjoyment.

Brands that are well known have beauty, exquisite craftsmanship, and first-class technology. The most important thing is that the head sculpture is like a wax figure. If you want to know about dolls, try it.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.