Which manufacturer has the best sex doll technology?

4 min readFeb 21, 2022

Since 2020, we have witnessed a surge in demand for sex dolls. This is a great opportunity for manufacturers to grow their business and invest more in their production lines. Competition is always fierce! The Chinese brand JY dolls are gaining more and more international fans. You can see more posts about JY Doll sex dolls on different forums. The technology has been recognised as the best for producing high quality sex dolls at an affordable price.

JY Euro-faced, big-breasted and curvy sex dolls — BIRALA

JY DOLL offers a number of excellent options

Exquisite facial designs and elegant bodies are what JY Dolls are known for. As you browse the collection you will see that all the girls are eye candy. The facial and body details showcase first class craftsmanship and JY Dolls feature up to 200 faces, dozens of body types and four materials including silicone and TPE. You can positively find the oriental girl of your dreams.

JY ASIA 161CM Lifelike and demurely beautiful silicone head implant doll — Fairy

JY Doll Introduction

JY Doll started in 2012 and has been making high quality sex dolls ever since. They are as popular in China as the WM dolls. It is one of the main games on the market. It has a full flow production plant and an industry leading mould engineering centre. It produces silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls. The company employs over 500 people to cope with the growing order book. There are 5 professional R&D staff, 15 senior moulders and a team of multinational designers with an international perspective.

JY 170CM Dress Sexy Doll JIANA Luxury Baby

Here are some hot and glamorous sexy JY doll sex dolls for you.

Meet Qian Qian

Her face looks beautiful with a hint of innocence. Her hair is short and childish. She is petite, 161cm tall. she is not very self-conscious about her breasts. They were enormous! Oh, she just needs a mature man to guide her through life. Can you be the man she needs and wants?

JY doll 161cm big tits short hair TPE sex doll — Cynthia

Meet Jing Jing

Jing Jing is a submissive girl. She has pale skin and long black hair with bangs. She fantasises about travelling thousands of years back in time: she has to wear traditional clothes. Her big breasts are about to jump out. She is looking for her king. She would like to be one of the wives. She is happy to serve her man with another woman. She will dance, she will massage, she will help you forget anything outside of heaven. Is that what you want too? Take her home and play fantasies with her.

JY Doll 161CM Big Boobs Silicone Head Sex Doll — Jing Jing

Meet Shannon

Shannon is a carefree girl. She loves her beautiful pictures. She is now wearing a beautiful cheongsam that outlines her curves. Her breasts are huge and can be squeezed, honked and sucked hard. Her beautiful face says you can have me if you promise to have a good time …… Will you take her home and seduce her over and over again?

JY Doll 161CM Big Tits Planted Brown Hair Silicone Head Sex Doll — Shannon

New for 2022 JY DOLL Sex Doll

It’s only the second month of 2022 and regardless of the long New Year holiday, JY Doll has already announced 5 new erotic dolls.

You get two snake charmer type girls.

Silver Lotus is proud of her petite (162cm) hourglass figure. She knows her stuff. She’s a silicone beauty with hair implants. She knows she is a high maintenance woman who will only settle down with one special man.

JY Doll 2022 01 162CM Silicone Wig Silver Lotus

Siu Sin is the most popular girl in the club. This version of her has her eyes closed. She will let you do anything to her. She has a healthy body made of silicone and stands 162 cm tall. Her hair is hard and beautiful. She doesn’t mind pulling her hair a little when it’s hot.

jy doll eyes closed hsiao hsien 162 silicone hsiao hsien hair implant

There is a dashing girl, Yun Xi. Her hair is stylish and outgoing. Her perky boobs and spunky personality make her well liked. She is a social butterfly until she meets the right person.

jy doll tpe 161cm bbw YunXi

If you like anime girls, you can’t go wrong with Riyuki and Renmon.

Silver hair, long-sleeved gloves and a black battle costume are her signature look. She’s ready to fight, with lipstick and cleavage as her weapons of choice.

jy doll tpe 163cm LiYue

With her long horns and long tail, you can’t tell if Lian Meng is a demon that will steal your heart or an angel that will watch over you.

You can see all of the above on lovedollshops.com, and you can also see free doll videos inside the shop, where I’m sure you can find more information about sex dolls




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