Which physical silicone doll below 3500 price is better?

3 min readJun 17, 2021

Let me give you popular science first:

Below ¥5000: definitely not silicone dolls, all are TPE

¥5000–10000: Elementary silicone doll, maybe not very good workmanship

More than ¥10000 is a really good silicone doll.

Everyone has different budgets, so let’s analyze them one by one:

(1) TPE doll: junior player, vulnerable

Most of the dolls on a certain treasure are of this level, with a price tag of several thousand, and the cost will not be mentioned. Anyway, the business has a profit.

The makeup is sprayed on on the face, it is easy to come off after using it a few times, everyone is ready to learn about beauty… After the makeup is done, it can be used for a long time.

The material of TPE is very soft, without the toughness of human skin, but the feeling of body entry is still relatively real.

In addition to different heights and weights, other functions that can be added: voice, standing, jelly xiong, moveable ti, etc. ~ Except that voice is more expensive, the others are very cheap or can be given away.

Those who look particularly beautiful at the basic P are more serious, because the TPE itself does not look very realistic. Take a look at the last comparison chart:

(2) TPE+silicone head: advanced players, change their heads without changing their heads

Advanced players can consider this. It is more realistic with a silicone head, and TPE is cheaper for the body.

Overall, it is 1–2k more expensive than pure TPE, because the silicone head itself is expensive, but it can be used for 2–3 years without worrying about makeup loss.

There is no difference between the basic buyer’s show of silicone head and the seller’s promotional image. The eyebrows are all inlaid one by one, and you can choose hair transplants. There are even real human hairs to choose from. You can also choose to set hair and wear your own wigs.

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