Which sex toy is best for women and girls?

5 min readMay 6, 2021

How important is it to a woman to please yourself? When Xiaozhi was hanging out on YouTube, he suddenly saw a series of videos from a long time ago — read and sex. A total of 12 short films were shot in this series, all with the same content. A woman reads the books they recommend and experiences indescribable things in an invisible place.

The little secret under the table, to put it bluntly, is to use “toys” to let the girls experience the orgasm. Between the calm reading and the sweet torture, 12 girls all expressed their “coolness” at the end.

“Toys” and physical dolls are no longer unfamiliar to modern girls. However, which toys look good, which toys have many tricks, and which toys are “good for a good job”, you may not really understand. Today Yummy invited Qingyueda to make a list for you. Serious students who want to watch a more comprehensive and complete video can read the original text~

Doctors who write popular science knowledge about female sexual pleasure,

Doctor of Medicine, deep lover of sex toys

Chasing big names, how can “toys” not be well-known


The first is LELO, we can’t hide from this industry leader.

The LELO brand has always been a leader. I think LELO’s design concept has always been copied, but it has never been surpassed. I don’t know why. Is it because their products are expensive enough and the profits are enough to afford the best designers? But the shortcoming of LELO is that they have too many design concepts and change too fast. When they are implemented in products, there is always no perfect process.

When you buy its first-generation product, the user experience is often not too satisfying, but when its performance gradually improves, when it comes out to the second or third generation, he has launched other new products, the performance is more eye-catching. This makes the fans of LELO fall into an endless loop, you are always using the latest design but the experience is not the best product.

The European brand Fun factory, which is also a big cow in the design world, does a lot better in this respect.

I recently went to a sex toy store in France and found that at least in France, Fun factory and LELO have the same market share, and Fun factory seems to be more popular. When visiting the store, a young couple is studying their vibrators, and they will have to start with one.

Fun factory Delight

If one day, I am destined to live a life alone on a deserted island, and I can only bring one entertainment item with me, I will choose Delight from Fun factory. Delight won 4 design awards from 2008 to 2010, including the Red Dot Design Award. I have to say that the judges are very insightful, because Delight has made an absolutely subversive design of the vibrator from the styling. Without an elegant female perspective, it is impossible to appreciate its benefits, because it does not continue to use male penis at all. Original linear design.

Delight has a perfect S-shaped curve, which can fit women’s vulva very well, and there is a small bump near the C point. When I use it, it feels almost seamless, and the vibration can be perfectly transmitted to me. body of. In addition, it is not as obvious as Fun Factory’s other linear vibrators when they enter the vagina. For Asian women, the size of Fun factory toys will feel a little bigger, and the vagina will feel a little jerky if it is not lubricated enough. But Delight is different. Its entry is simply a smooth sliding in, which is a very comfortable filling feeling. At the other end of the S shape, the hand-held part is also easy to hold and operate.

Well-known toy testers also love it

After evaluating Delight, I really feel that this toy can completely break the curse that Asian women are not suitable for European brand toys. As long as it is a good design, regardless of race, it will give you a rich and pleasant experience. Delight really made me a fan of Fun factory.


Next, we will transfer from Europe to the United States. Our small trendy brand Jimmyjane is very friendly to toy lovers who are obsessed with cleanliness. If you like IKEA’s simple style, you will also like Jimmyjane.

There is no strong lust, but the style of their products. But if you think it’s not compelling enough, then you don’t understand. As far as I know, no brand is as close to fashion as Jimmyjane, and has even produced a gold vibrator. If you are a person who loves fashion, don’t miss this brand.


The last thing I talked about was the new American brand SVAKOM that I just started to know about recently. I was fascinated by their well-designed design! Of course, I also found that they played very high on this path of the mean. Have you heard of the endoscopic massage stick? Rabbit head AV stick, have you ever played it? No, I haven’t seen it before. They are working hard to make products that are more interesting than classics, making designs that are no longer avant-garde a lot of fun. I have nothing to say but thank them!

Physical sex doll

The sex doll that is circulating wildly now is the choice of many singles. It can make you so cool, can make you climax continuously, and make you feel like real people have sex. You can choose a male sex doll, and he will satisfy all of you. Fantasy and needs, it feels really good, or buy a torso sex doll, let him fill you up, and let you feel the deep love.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.