Why are full-size lifelike sex dolls so much fun?

4 min readMay 6, 2022


Full-size silicone sex dolls are the most interactive human-like lovers you can experience in person if you don’t count real people. These dolls are undoubtedly your perfect companion, with voices, customisable looks and even personalities when fully connected by artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Wait, here they come, a full-fledged electric sex doll that actually has sex with you, responds to spoken words, looks great with or without virtual reality goggles, and can even draw anything you want with the goggles on. Until electric talking dolls came along a few years later and let’s get the job done with the closest thing to the real deal, full size love dolls.

Full-size love dolls for better health and attraction

Sex is no longer a taboo or socially sensitive subject — which is partly what led to the rise of sex dolls, or at least not against them. But what other reason could there be for the unprecedented increase in acceptance of sex dolls than the fact that sex is not a taboo?

Here’s the thing. Men are busier with dating and don’t have the time or patience to build a mature relationship. However, men have to satisfy their inner desires and needs — there are no two ways about it. Meanwhile, women set the bar so high that, according to some studies, about 20% of men have no sex at all each year! If you didn’t have sex last year, chances are you won’t have sex this year either. So at the end of the day, about 20% of men don’t have sex at all, and about 80% of men only have sex occasionally and don’t get anything they want out of it.

As a result of being rated 5–6–7 for polygamous females, 0–10 year old females tend to get attention and sex from men on the 7–8 or even 9 attractiveness scale. This leads to a whole bunch of useless 7th grade and below guys who will almost never get laid without a long term girlfriend to lure them into a relationship or a 2nd-5th grade girl from a club sack monster with a moustache. and look like fat heads of potatoes.

The downside is that relying on escort services alone can be costly, can pose a risk of STDs and is not always a good experience every time. So men need a way to satisfy their sexual urges and to do so on their own schedule and in a relaxed way.

Cost-effective satisfaction with lifelike sex dolls

But how can a man satisfy this sexual desire in an affordable way without a huge effort and constant rejection?

Sex dolls are the answer to many female forms, easy to handle, no timetables and all on your terms.

These full-size products are the future of safe, no-strings-attached sex. Many people like you love their silicone partners. Why? Well, because a sexy doll can be made to your specifications — not only that, but despite your weirdest quirks, she’ll still love you willingly without laughing at you.

These fabricated partners are designed to take your pleasure to a higher level. Most importantly, these ladies (and men too) don’t nag, lose their temper and have mood swings like real girls do.

For these reasons, most men like you probably want sex dolls. This way, people can enjoy a no-strings-attached relationship no matter what. Best of all, a realistic doll’s skin won’t sag — she’ll be as young and sexy as when you first saw her.

Now that you know why it makes sense to invest your emotions, energy and money in a love doll, let’s look at why full-size sex dolls are so popular.

Why are lifelike and life-size adult sex dolls so popular?

Unless your house is full of horny hotties and you have to think about where or who you’re having sex with, you only need at least one adult sex doll …… trust me. Not only does it give you satisfaction when you need it, but it makes you more confident when you go out or meet people in your life. You’re more relaxed, more confident, not overly horny and people can sense that you’ve been getting laid a lot lately. It makes you more interesting, more attractive and less dependent on your trying too hard or even seemingly desperate sexuality. This way, when they feel you’ve gotten plenty, the doll increases your chances of getting laid with a real woman. Women think along the following lines.

Full-size sex dolls don’t necessarily take up more space than shorter ones

By bringing an adult doll into your home, you will be responsible for looking after her as she looks after you. The basic idea of care is to store them correctly, easily and safely. Unlike the easy to store mini sex dolls, adult sized or torso sex dolls.




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