Why are silk stockings closely related to sex?

9 min readApr 7, 2021

I paid attention to it for a while and found that no one answered this question systematically, but I don’t like to post pictures, so it may be a bit difficult to explain, but I still want to talk about it. Let’s take a look.

This matter should start from the nature of sex. The natural tendency of human reproduction to choose a spouse determines the characteristics of all things related to sex. It’s really hard to measure how much this has to do with love, so we can only talk about it by excluding emotional factors. The following answers may be difficult to accept for people who dislike materialized humans and those who are highly pursuing spiritual love. Let’s just talk about the relationship between stockings and sex.

I think there are three main factors that can cause human sexual impulses and maintain desire in modern society:

1. Healthy.

2. Full of vitality.

3. Plenty of desire.

Any of these three points will cause the opposite sex’s desire to reproduce. Having two points at the same time will cause strong attraction and high attention. Having all three points can occupy the key node of the breeding market in the relationship network.

And silk stockings are related to these three points.

First of all, silk stockings will suggest healthy physical conditions.

The health here is not health based on medical indicators, but health based on psychological hints or sexual information, that is, when you see someone, you will subconsciously get the message “this individual is healthy” after contacting her. .

There are many factors that can reflect physical health, mainly including face and body. In addition, I will talk about manners. I personally think that manners and looks are more related to vitality and desire, so I won’t talk about it here, I will talk about it later.

Regarding which is more important between face and body, in the early days of human society, I preferred body>face, but in today’s society, the two may be the same, and there are also factors of personal preference.

Of course, from the physical reaction point of view, the body is more important overall. There are a lot of people who don’t look at their face but their figure at all, but not many people who look at their face but not their figure.

And silk stockings are a powerful tool for improving the body and suggesting good health.

The three-dimensional perception of ordinary human legs is relatively complicated compared to other parts. The leg lines of ordinary people are rarely very three-dimensional and beautiful. And healthy leg muscle lines will create a more three-dimensional sense, which will give people a hint of physical health. This is why many people feel more symmetrical and attractive even though their legs actually become thicker after fitness.

Why are Victoria’s Secret models so pleasing to the eye? It is because their bodies convey strong health messages.

Stockings have the function of tightening and lifting leg muscles (the effect of high heels is actually similar), so that the leg muscles look more three-dimensional and eliminate some redundant lines. And the texture of silk stockings is different from that of the skin. The fabric wrapped around the legs will provide more unique light and shade changes visually, and can also improve the overall look and feel of the legs. and so:

Stockings-correct leg shape, enhance the three-dimensional sense and texture of the legs (static)-healthy (sexy)-sex

Next, let’s talk about vitality.

Vitality is very subtle. It represents a person’s state, including mental state and physical state. An energetic person feels confident, intelligent, attractive, and sexy.

This is a difficult yardstick. If the shape and face reflect whether a person’s physical functions are healthy, then vitality reflects whether a person’s life style is healthy.

For example, some of my colleagues are very old, but they rely on the old to sell the old. They always feel that the young people live their lives, and the old people should give priority to what they deserve. He didn’t appraise one time when he was promoted to a professional title. He actually sat on the ground in front of the students in the playground and slapped the principal. Of course, I work in the countryside, and there are many such things. But at the time I looked at his state, there was no vitality at all. No matter what his body was, I felt that in this state, he passed away the next day, and I was not surprised.

This is vitality. Of course, the term may not be accurate. In general, it is the overall performance of a person. This is mainly related to temperament and demeanor. Energetic individuals are more attractive in sexual choice, and unlike information that prompts health, vitality information is more dynamic.

As mentioned earlier, silk stockings can improve the look and feel of the legs, which are mainly static. At the dynamic level, the look and feel of the leg movement will give people more intuitive stimulation.

For example, a picture of a beautiful woman with a plump breasts + slender waist + well-proportioned legs is very tempting, right? But what is more tempting? The answer is to move. That is, a shaking chest + shaking waist + swinging legs. Because dynamic can not only convey health, but also remind vitality. It’s like a beauty standing in front of you is far less attractive than her dancing in front of you.

This also explains why video films are far more popular than photo shoots (snicker).

Silk stockings can modify the line of the legs, and this aesthetic feeling is more intense under dynamic conditions. At the same time, it releases the message of “this individual is active”, which makes people more likely to cause sexual impulses. The graceful movements of the bare legs are actually very charming, but with stockings, this is even more prominent. Moreover, the legs wrapped in stockings are translucent. Even thick stockings have a firmer and more mysterious texture than most people’s leg skins. While truly reflecting muscle activity, it can also cover flaws, which not only makes the legs more powerful and overall, but also changes their temperament. So dressing properly with reasonable stockings will make people feel very upright and uplifting.

and so:

Stockings-improve leg vision, change temperament (dynamic)-show vitality (sexy)-sex

Finally, let’s talk about desire.

There are many cultural factors associated with silk stockings and desire information.

Abundant desire is the manifestation of sexual maturity. Humans are somewhat special. Most animals will have an estrus period. During this period, the body’s functions will be tilted to reproductive activities, and strong desires will be concentrated. And human beings can maintain a strong sexual desire for almost half of their lives, which is terrifying. However, human brain development is too advanced, resulting in low reproductive safety, so maintaining a longer estrus period can be used as compensation.

In order to control this long period of sexual maturity and maintain the sustainability of collaboration, human beings have formed ethics, morals and even laws to restrain their sexual impulses, but they still cannot fully control their sexual behaviors. This is mainly multiplied at the level of the entire ethnic group. Seeing is still the first goal, and the priority of instinct is higher than that of reason. Instinct is on standby at any time, and reason needs to be awakened. It depends on constant cognitive strengthening and long-term deliberate training.

So why control sexual desire?

Because human society relies on collaboration and division of labor to bring greater efficiency, it has also found that collaboration is very asymmetry. The more complex the collaboration, the more individuals will participate in the collaboration, and everyone has uncertainty. Therefore, the more complex the collaboration, the more complex the collaboration. The greater the overall uncertainty of the system, the more fragile the collaboration.

Sexual desire can be said to be the most concentrated flash point of human uncertainty. From ancient times to the present, sex is the most capable of triggering violence. Once sexual desire is out of control, violence will ramp up, and it will have a devastating blow to the stability of the collaborative system. Therefore, all civilizations tend to control sexual desire, either with the help of religion, or with the help of ethics and morality. In short, the balance of sexual freedom and sexual order is always the concern of every ruling system.

The main tool for humans to control sexual desire is the identity system, which is to use identity to restrict people’s right to express sexual desire, because the priority of sexual desire is too high, and humans have sexual needs for so long. If two individuals with strong sexual desires meet , As long as this sexual desire can be expressed, then the probability of sexual achievement is extremely high. Since sexual desire is instinctive, irresistible, and justice necessary for reproduction, people can only express restrictively, which is to allocate social resources through prescribed identities and determine rights and obligations for different identities. If the behavior breaks the identity requirements , You will lose all social resources brought about by your identity. In a system where identity determines the allocation of resources, losing your identity means losing everything.

For example, the only person who can freely release sexual desire is the identity of spouse. If you express sexual desire to someone other than your spouse, it will be regarded as a violation of taboos and will be rejected by the entire society.

Sometimes they even simply deprive people of their right to choose their spouse freely, give their parents the right to choose their spouse, and use their parents’ identity as a guarantee to control sexual desire. This can refer to the ancient ethical system.

It’s a bit far away, back to silk stockings, silk stockings are related to the expression of sexual desire, which is more of a cultural factor.

Under the identity system, there is still a kind of people who can express their sexual desires unrestrictedly, that is, sex workers.

At the beginning of the birth of nylon stockings, it has become a shortcut for women to enhance their beauty, especially for some girls who do not have much advantage in the curve of the legs. The stockings can also make the inferior legs become charming. Objectively, the stockings can be used. Effective concealment, so that some women with slight blemishes on their legs can confidently wear skirts, and they are comfortable to wear, so they quickly became popular all over the world.

It has naturally become a killer for sex workers. For a long time, the image of sex workers has continued to evolve, but since the invention of stockings, the image of sex workers wearing stockings or fishnet stockings has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, especially in Europe and America, where the thicker thighs and thinner lines of the thighs and stockings are simply perfect. Match. Coupled with the active acceptance of silk stockings by sex culture, silk stockings have the meaning of desire in the eyes of some people, and even the expression of sexual desire.

Active expression of sexual desire is very fatal, and this expression becomes smooth with the help of silk stockings. What’s more, some women are for this purpose. So stockings are entangled with sexual culture.


Stockings-suggest sexual desire-reflect needs (attractive)-sex

I think this is the main reason for the close relationship between stockings and sex.

In fact, silk stockings are not only related to sex. They are one of the important accessories that constitute the image of humans in modern society. After reasonable matching, they can effectively display different qualities such as solemnity, solemnity and cuteness.

As far as the attraction of both sexes is concerned, for most men, decent stockings are indeed an eye-catching weapon. I think girls should be positive and realistic. Using good stockings and wearing the right stockings is the same as other clothing collocation. Echoes with makeup. It can not only be used as a magic weapon for image enhancement while avoiding vulgarity, but it is also one of the important props for teasing people. When it comes to stockings, I think of sex toys. Because there are many men who are fetishes, they are eager to get something and ejaculate on it, so we often see some news reports on the Internet saying who steals other underwear. Gone, this is a typical perverted behavior, and many people start to buy various sex toys online in order to make themselves satisfied. Nowadays, some sex dolls are very popular. Now they are blonde sex dolls and black sex dolls. A very popular product in the circle, it’s like other people like stockings, and addicted to dolls. After all, she is more realistic, so that it will not cause crime and reduce social harm. Some people have different sexual orientations. He will like it. If you are older than yourself, it is difficult to find in real life, but it is different in dolls. You can choose a mature sex doll.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.