Why buy a real silicone doll?

3 min readOct 7, 2021

There are many reasons to buy Japanese silicone dolls, perhaps more than one might think. Silver Doll knows at least 8 reasons why more and more men are buying “Japanese” silicone dolls.

1. to have sex.

Sora, just for sex

Lovedolls are excellent sexual partners because.

Male singles

Married men or in a relationship but away from home for long periods of time, such as work.

Men whose partners are inactive, for example due to health conditions.

A realistic doll is ideal for pleasing and experiencing any sexual fantasy, it does not require an emotional connection or negotiation of the time and form of sex. Like Sola. 2.

2. as a partner.

Linda, a seductive partner

Any man, single or married, will appreciate the companionship of an attractive woman. A life-size doll is a realistic physical presence or it can be a spiritual presence with which to interact to some degree.

Lover dolls can mold their personalities to the owner’s tastes, fantasies and inner world. Like Linda.

3. The ideal of being the perfect woman.

Laila, beautiful as a goddess

Men like the appearance of women …… If your ideal woman does not exist in your real world, you can create her through lover dolls.

Today there are countless models with different bodies and faces offering realistic dolls, and thanks to customization options, every man can create his dream woman. Have fun dressing her up, giving her makeup and taking pictures of her whenever you want. Like Laila.

4. For its realism

Sex dolls exist in a variety of materials, but no material can compete with silicone or TPE for realism. The realism of silicone and TPE is incredible in terms of tactile, visual and sexual use.

Upon closer inspection, these dolls really do look like real women, with smooth, firm skin. With movable mouths and realistic tongues, you can kiss your doll; orifices are created in great detail using 3D technology to accurately reproduce the inside of a real woman, with breasts that bounce like the real thing.

An extraordinary test of Venus’ authenticity

5. Have extravagant fantasies

Making love to a beautiful elf? With a sleeping beauty goddess? With a Japanese cartoon heroine, or a sexy vampire? Thanks to realistic dolls, realistic fantasies. There are pixie sex dolls, anime sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls, and they will satisfy your fantasies very well!

Fantastic faerie creatures inspired by the heroic “fantasy” universe are available today for many men who are attracted to them. Like Sharl.

Sweet, sexy dolls with their eyes closed are available for sex or nighttime companionship. Like morphine.

Plump, colorful “comic book” style mini love dolls await your gift of unknown and sensational erotic experiences. Like Megumi.

6. Encourage couples to have sex

A realistic female or male doll can be a breath of fresh air for a couple lacking in sexual desire. lovedoll offers the possibility of trying new sexual experiences afterwards, or trying new positions and sexual games before trying them with your partner.

7. Maintain sexuality.

Sexual activity requires a degree of physical strength. Sex dolls allow you to keep exercising without a real partner.

8. Safe sex without condoms

Sex dolls allow you to have sex without the risk of spreading STDs. It is recommended to lubricate the penis, but condoms are not required.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.