Why buy lifelike love dolls

4 min readJun 4, 2021

Due to the great progress of synthetic materials, skeletons (skeletons) and people’s real demand for dolls, TPE sex dolls were once a source of laughter. It has undergone a revolution. For some people, the making of these dolls is an art form. From Asian fetishists to people seeking celebrity sex dolls, almost anything is possible.

Men and women buy sex dolls for a variety of reasons, including companionship and sex therapy, as a “bridge” for bereavement, to help eliminate loneliness and help satisfy sexual desire-especially during periods of separation from human partners. Some people also believe that they are safer than hiring sex workers.

In short, sex dolls are more exciting, fulfilling, and fun than ever.

Nosy neighbor

But this does not mean that some potential buyers will not feel a little embarrassed about making such a purchase. In fact, many people postpone their purchases because they feel embarrassed-even worried about friends or relatives-or considering the size of the shipping box, and more likely neighbors-will find their unusual buying behavior.

However, more people than ever before-men, women and transgender people-are ordering these most complex sex toys.

Therefore, if you are about to buy your own doll and need a little push, here are 11 good reasons for you to experience the most exciting plunge.

You are not alone

As mentioned above, the purchase of silicone sex dolls has been increasing. Indeed, as predicted by a Pew Research Center report last year, robotic sex partners will be “commonplace” within 10 years. So if you are worried that you are a bit unusual, we may soon fall into a situation where love dolls are common sex aids in the bedroom.

As Matt Krivicke of Sinthetics in Los Angeles stated in a recent report by The Independent, most buyers are “just people who are fascinated by the human body”-and to a large extent than you meet on the street People are “more sensible”. There are also reports that Chinese men use sex dolls because there are not enough women in the population.

Love doll is fun

The situations and locations you can let modern cheap sex dolls into are really ever-changing. Your new partner will not refuse even the most unorthodox requests.

They look like real people

Aiwa is now more real than ever. Both the mass market and custom obese doll makers have greatly improved their artistic level. The new silicone has also developed a look and feel that is very close to real skin, while the details of the eyes, hair and genitals make the sensory experience truly impressive.

Longing for interpersonal communication, not necessarily sex

Dolls can alleviate loneliness to some extent and provide an alternative to human intimacy; this is not just about crazy sex. Kisses and hugs are also important to many owners.

Can provide a “bridge” after bereavement or breakup

For those who have just lost a loved one or broke up with a long-term partner, a lover doll can provide a “bridge”. It may take some time for a person to feel ready to date again; a love doll can fill this gap.

They are also suitable for couples

Even couples buy love dolls. Usually a partner cannot have sex — perhaps for health reasons — but the couple does not want to bring an outside lover or hire an escort service. Couples can also simply introduce a sex doll to increase the fun.

The dawn of a new era (but you can give her a name you like)

The era of inflatable dolls with open mouths and unconvincing limbs is truly over. Even entry-level love dolls can provide incredible credibility. As for the realistic genitals, the experience of making love with mini sex dolls is now very close to reality.

The existence of a person

For those who are currently single, a love doll can provide some comfort of a real person, often making the home look less empty.

Have the doll you really want-now you can even make celebrity sex dolls

You can make sex dolls to look like well-loved celebrities-even ex-partners. You can choose height, face shape, skin tone, hair color and more. Not all BBW sex dolls are mass-produced in the typical 18-year-old figure. Buyers can order dolls with older faces, larger buttocks, and even squint dentures. Men usually want beauty that can be achieved-even though there are really few things that can be ordered.

They are more affordable than ever

As companies from the United States to China emerged to meet the demand for high-quality sex dolls, the scale of production increased and prices fell. This means that the type of sex doll you can buy now is much more realistic than what you could buy ten years ago-and at an affordable price.




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