Why the skeleton is so important for silicone sex dolls

4 min readMay 6, 2022


Sex is a basic human biological need, and sexual desire can be released through intercourse. Of course, the prerequisite is that you need to have a wife or girlfriend. Obviously, not everyone has a girlfriend or wife at any given time. How can you work out your sexual desires? By using masturbation or by using sex toys.

Although you can use small sex toys such as penis rings and pocket cats to assist with masturbation, it offers a far less rewarding experience than real sex.

In the list of erotic experiences, sex dolls are at the top of the list. A sex doll is an anthropomorphic sex toy that has the size and shape of a sexual partner. You can lean on her, hold her in your arms and enjoy sex that rivals that of a real person. The realism and effectiveness of sex dolls involves the use of realistic materials that vibrate during sex, making the experience completely different from the ‘flesh-crazy’ experience.

In recent years, demand for sex dolls has been very high around the world. One report claims that global toy sales reached $15 billion in 2014, and some observers say that this figure could grow to $52 billion by 2020. This means that a new market economy is emerging.

Why are sex dolls so popular right now? It has to do with the experience of sex dolls that can be compared to real life sex. This could be a combination of the various socio-economic changes driving the sex toy market. Most importantly, people are satisfying physical needs in a very healthy and safe way. It is easy to see that there are many erotic dolls on the market and prices vary greatly, from as low as one, two, three or five thousand. Apart from the details, the materials and craftsmanship of the sex dolls also contribute to the difference in price.

On top of this, the fundamental reason for the popularity of sex dolls is the craftsmanship of the sex dolls. Life-size silicone sex dolls are mainly made of bones and silicone. The skeleton is made of steel or composite metal. The difference is that the material is steel or composite metal and the manufacturing process includes the complete machining and flexibility of the skeleton joints.

Skeleton material: If the sex doll is made of light alloy bone, it is tougher than steel skeleton, not easy to break, good durability, moderate weight, high strength and light weight. It meets both the practicality and durability of sex dolls.

Bone joints: realistic silicone sex dolls with an ergonomic alloy skeleton. The new ball joint construction allows flexible positioning. The range of motion of the joints can reach 85–90% of the range of motion of human joints. As a result, the sex dolls are more flexible and can be changed into various sexual positions, such as crouching, lying down or riding, for a more comfortable experience during sex.

Skeleton production technology: The silicone sex doll skeleton adopts advanced automated production technology in addition to joint movement technology. Based on advanced, stable and reliable product design and technology, it makes mass production possible. Stable and improved product quality, lower production costs, shorter production cycles and guaranteed production balance. Sex doll manufacturers rely on good technology to produce high quality products to serve the public, be it Asian sex dolls, European sex dolls or Latin sex dolls.

In short, these metal skeletons provide us with many of the same features as real women. They have beautiful faces and bodies and are produced in the manner of Oriental beauties. A built-in metal frame separates them from the inflatable accessories. This metal frame helps to keep the sex dolls strong and helps to maintain their pose, so you can place them in any position as required. What’s more, the female dolls have breasts, vagina, hips, anal buttocks and face to show their femininity. Of course, manufacturers have also developed mannequin sex dolls to match the specific sexual habits of certain groups.

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