Why women need a male doll

4 min readNov 15, 2021

One sex toy simply isn’t enough

It’s no surprise to us that many women keep a cute little toy (or some toys) in their bedside table drawer. Modern women pride themselves on embracing their sexuality and do not hesitate to please themselves. nearly 80% of American female sex toy owners over the age of 18 have a vibrator in their home. 60% of women own a dildo.

So you have a wide variety of toys, massagers, vibrators, and dildos. How about taking your game to the next level by getting a better toy: a male sex doll. Forget the social stigma and ask yourself, would you like to have a man like Neo from the movie The Matrix by your side at all times? When you feel horny, instead of rubbing off a small toy, you can put Neo on the sofa or bed. You start by kissing him and stroking him, then place his hands on your waist or back. When you’re breathing heavily and ready for the big cock, you climb on top of him, lift his arms, put your breasts in his hands and let him thrust. You are immediately filled and you start to move like a cowgirl. . The sex is completely indistinguishable from real people …… And you’re 100% in control.

If you’re really super horny you can even try doggy style with a male sex doll. You have to do all the work, but promisingly the pounds are totally worth it.

You’ll be stronger when you ride a personalised cock hands-free. Sex dolls are also great for post-coital cuddling. The whole sex thing is no longer a one-off, but a more intimate affair.

A night out with a male sex doll sounds much better than a bad kindling date.

Women in long distance relationships crave intimacy

Some women are lucky enough to find the love of their lives. But not lucky enough to be with their man on a regular basis. They can video chat with their partner every day. Although they are committed to love, they often find themselves deprived of sex. What is the solution? I believe that finding another stranger with no strings attached is not the first choice for many couples.

So who will meet the sexual needs? A male sex doll can be a safe sex partner to satisfy these women.

The couple can do a sexy sensual video/voice chat while getting into real action with a sex doll. Especially with sex dolls equipped with touch sensors, the male sex doll will feel like your man. His only determination is to satisfy your need for intimacy. Cuddling can be great when the male sex doll is all hot and bothered.

And if you want to sleep more comfortably, the male sex doll can be a human-like body pillow.

Couples, embrace the future and take control of their sexuality.

Women can recoil from making out with men

Childhood trauma

Some women have had traumatic experiences with men when they were young. They were used or abused by male figures. For some women, it is difficult for them to trust any man. For some women, they look good when they are involved with men, but they are unable to open up and have real communication. It doesn’t hurt to ask for help from a male sex doll, it’s just a substitute. He can help you feel like you are in charge.

Postnatal mothers can’t make out with their husbands

Some women start to avoid sex with their husbands at some point in time. The male body gives them goose bumps. The reasons for this can be physical or psychological. In some cases, male sex dolls can be used for tightening and healing purposes.

A great solution to reduce the risk of living alone

For any young woman living alone, safety is inevitably a major concern. Some women put their male clothes in the laundry room. Some women put their men’s shoes on the outdoor shoe rack. They create the illusion of living with a man. As a result, they do not become vulnerable targets for theft or break-ins. Maybe it’s time to get creative. Put a male sex doll in your flat. Show his shadow through the curtains or his figure through the metal door. When your food arrives at the door, you can finally open the door to the delivery man. You will have a man standing or sitting in your flat all the time to terrorise the pervert/criminal. You can also have him struggling with loneliness.

Society is changing. More and more women are turning away from marriage and relationships. Some are determined to be celibate. Women want to focus on their careers and interests. Despite this, women still crave a shoulder to cry on, or a late-night hug from time to time. Some women turn to paying for the boyfriend experience, which can be very expensive. In the long run, male sex dolls aren’t a bad idea. Women no longer need to have their relationship needs met on demand and by the hour.

Sex dolls are now becoming more and more common all around us, they don’t just have female sex dolls, they have them differentiated by type, size, skin colour, fatness, and you can even choose a custom option where you can ask the vendor to make you a full size sex doll for yourself alone or you can choose just a torso love doll. These they can be well suited to your needs and fantasies.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.