Wife finally opens herself up

5 min readNov 18, 2021

We are a couple who went to college together and have been married for 11 years. Our relationship has always been good and we communicate first about everything at home. After having a child, affection gradually replaced passion and life calmed down. A chance encounter brought me into contact with the internet. I learnt that couples can have another way to choose happiness as long as they have a good relationship.

My wife, who was originally a very introverted person, gradually moved from conservatism to openness under my repeated coaching. She finally agreed to try something she had also dreamed of but hadn’t dared to experience in the past. I took advantage of the situation and immediately contacted one of my online friends, we had discussed it many times online and I had shown him nude photos of my wife, who had always wanted to fuck my wife, but there was no chance, she didn’t let go. When he got my call, he booked a room at the hotel as fast as he could and asked us to come over in half an hour, after I told my wife. She was nervous as hell. That is, excited and scared. I touched her pussy. It was already dripping with lust.

When we arrived, we found out that there were 2 of them. The netizen explained that they had come together for safety and that if we didn’t agree, his friend could not participate.

When they came out, I told my wife to go and take a shower, but when she finished, she was too scared to come out, and I pushed her out of the shower.

They were actually still sitting and watching TV, looking all too embarrassed to start, and I walked over to the bed. I went over to the bed and quietly reassured my wife and pulled back the covers a bit to expose her breasts.

I lifted the duvet completely to one side, exposing my wife’s entire body, her legs crossed and pinned together, one of them moved down and used both hands to spread my wife’s tightly pinned thighs, exposing her pussy to their eyes, and then started to stroke her pussy with his hands.

I just watched from the side as my petite wife’s eyes were tightly closed out of shyness, not daring to move, letting out a soft moan or two every now and then, after a while, my internet friend started to lick my wife’s pussy with his tongue, he was very good with his mouth, and in no time my wife started to moan loudly while holding the head of the other one who was sucking her nipples tightly against her ample breasts, and I saw their trunks getting bulging when they suddenly stopped at the same time and flew off their underwear.

To be honest, it was the first time I had ever seen another man naked, and both of their things were bigger than mine, with pubic hair stretching down to their waists. The other was getting ready to enter my wife’s body.

Suddenly she looked at me nervously and called out, “Honey, I’m scared. It’s so big. I don’t want it. “Don’t you want it big. Enjoy it, honey. I reminded him to slow down, slow down, don’t hurt her, my wife grabbed me tighter and tighter, and I watched as he pushed his thing deeper and deeper into my wife’s body, and finally it was all the way in, and she was relieved. It was only then that I noticed the other one was also half sitting on her breasts with his balls pressed against her breasts and half of his thick thing was in my wife’s mouth.

They started pumping up and down, one inside my wife and the other in her mouth, and she was fucked by them for about ten minutes, their movements getting more and more intense, probably too exciting, and she stopped adding to the top one’s dick and started concentrating on the bottom one’s pounding, moaning as she wrapped her legs around his waist, which was getting more and more exciting. He had just withdrawn his unweakened prick when the other one immediately rushed up and plunged his dick back into my wife’s pussy, and as he did so.

The vaginal opening was dripping with the sperm that had just gone in. The redness of the pussy opening was very attractive. The wife’s hips kept catering. After ten minutes of intense pumping, he too shot all his cum into my wife’s cunt.

And the whole time, my wife held my hand tightly, especially when they climaxed and ejaculated, they thrust their pricks hard into the deepest part of my wife’s body, I think it was a depth I had never reached before, while their hands gripped my wife’s breasts tightly and squeezed her nipples hard, I could feel my petite wife’s hands trembling involuntarily as she endured their pounding underneath my internet friend and his friend’s body, the moment they ejaculated.

The netizen and his friend went to take a shower, and I watched my beloved wife lying contentedly on the bed, looking at me with a complicated expression, her nipples red, the roots of her thighs a mess, her pussy red and open. Like a freshly opened lily. The bed was also wet. I fucked my already hard cock into my wife’s pussy. It was empty and slippery. I was worried and asked her: How do you feel? If you can’t take it, we’ll go back. Only now I said. Seriously husband.

This feels great, I love it, it’s exciting, thank you for making me feel different. They’re really big and good at it …… Since we’re here we’ll play a little longer.

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