Will sex dolls replace sex workers?

5 min readNov 2, 2021

Societal fears that many people may give up relationships altogether because of sex dolls continue to be prevalent worldwide, especially during embargoes. And with the opening of love doll brothels, sex workers fear that their jobs are being replaced as more men have a realistic sex doll at home rather than going out to service sex workers.

Will sex dolls replace sex workers in the future? Are sex dolls better than blood sex workers? Let’s find out in this article.

First of all, what is a sex doll?

The first sex dolls appeared in the 17th century and were designed to relieve sexual tension on long sea voyages. Those sex dolls were made by Dutch sailors using clothes and leather to imitate real women, hence the name “Dutch wives.

Today, sex dolls are made of more realistic and soft materials such as TPE and silicone that are super durable, healthy, odorless and easy to clean. These sex dolls have the most realistic touch, realistic appearance and excellent durability. They have perfect body shape, realistic vagina, anus and mouth, exquisite makeup and fashionable dress. They come in all styles and types of dolls whether you want a full size sex doll or a torso sex doll, they will give you the most realistic feel.

In the past, sex dolls were a very expensive product, but now it can be affordable. You can buy a high quality sex doll for about $300 to $1000.

What is a sex worker?

A sex worker is a person who gets money for providing sexual services to men or women. They are real people with feelings and emotions and are willing to do anything as long as you pay them well. Why do people like being a sex worker? Sex work offers higher pay and more flexible working conditions than other jobs. Some people are just struggling with poverty and it is the best and only option for them. However, there are many stereotypes about sex work being an immoral job, it is just the job they choose and they are doing their job to make ends meet.

Sex workers can act independently as individuals, work for a company or corporation, or work as part of a brothel. Sex workers charge $100 to $500 per hour for their services, which is more expensive than owning a lifelike sex doll. However, we know that prostitution exists and will continue to exist, despite the ban and its legal status, and here are 15 countries where prostitution is legal.

Sex workers

What is a sex doll brothel?

A sex doll brothel is a place where sexual services are offered through sex dolls. “At one sex doll brothel in Toronto, clients can pay $120 per hour and an additional $90 per half hour to do whatever they want with the staff’s sex dolls” The sex doll brothel owner cleans and prepares the dolls for the next client.

Since high-end realistic sex dolls sell for at least $2,000, many people choose to experience a doll brothel rather than buy one. In addition, sex doll brothels can serve as a comfortable place for those who are afraid of socializing, lack confidence or don’t have time to date. They don’t have to feel shy or ashamed about trying out their sexual fantasies. In many countries where human prostitution is not legal, sex doll brothels have the advantage of legitimacy.

Sex workers work for money

Will sex dolls replace sex workers in the future?

Sex dolls are a type of sex toy, such as dildos and vibrators. They are created by humans and the only goal of sex dolls is to please and satisfy human needs.

Advances in artificial intelligence technology will likely replace the jobs of sex workers and win the sex market in the future, but there is no way to replace women. Women are not products, and sex toys cannot replace people.

Sex dolls are now becoming more lifelike, and some sex robots can even moan and talk to you, and even remember your hobbies. It could be your best sex partner instead of a sex worker who only charges by the hour. Sex dolls can stay with you for a lifetime and never leave other men; you only have to pay once for a lifetime of pleasure. With sex workers, you have to pay whenever you need their services.

Sex dolls are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of men. In short, sex dolls make up for the inability of women to meet certain needs of men. Whatever sexual fantasy you imagine, you can explore it with her. She will not judge you and criticize your lifestyle. She only cares about you.

And a high-quality sex doll can provide a more realistic experience and protect you from STDs or STIs. It can also reduce prostitution, prevent rape, and avoid pregnancy.

Why do some men like sex dolls more than women?

Some people may have communication problems or social anxiety with other people, and they prefer to talk to sex dolls to avoid interpersonal relationships. Some people may have sexual fantasies that cannot be satisfied by their wives or girlfriends, and then sex dolls can satisfy their needs. Some disabled or elderly people also desire sex but cannot find it, and in reality, sex dolls are the best sexual partners to satisfy their desires. Also, you can find more reasons why sex dolls are better than women in our previous article .

If you like blondes then you can have a blonde, if you like BBW women then you can have a BBW sex doll, if you like young women then you have a young sex doll. And they are customizable, so you can design them exactly the way you want.

Is it a shame to own a sex doll?

No. Sex dolls are just as much a masturbation toy as dildos, are you ashamed of owning one? In short, sex dolls are here to help people release their desire for sexual fantasies and achieve sexual harmony and a healthy sex life. We live in a generation of freedom. Some of the oldest stereotypes are now openly accepted. At this age, all you have to do is accept who you are and what you want.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.