You can have a sex doll of your own

4 min readDec 9, 2021


I bought a sex doll for my husband and then I bought myself a male doll. I was most satisfied with the cheap mini doll I bought from sexdollsfun. It’s very realistic and the skin feels real!

If you want to know about sex dolls, maybe I can give you some answers.

What is a sex toy doll?

A sex doll is a sex toy whose design is the hottest female figure on the planet. The body is anatomically correct as well. From their eyes, all the way down to their toes, female and male sex dolls are expertly crafted to look and feel like the real thing.

About one of the great things about sex dolls is that you can customize the dolls to match your preferences. Whether you prefer a smaller partner or want a fuller bodied bed partner, you will find what you are looking for in a sex doll.

Most sex dolls consist of the entire body, from the face and head to the pelvis and legs. However, if you wish, you can get a partial sex doll to suit your needs. All sex dolls will work well with anatomical body parts such as the vagina, anus, penis and mouth. After all, they are sex dolls. In some cases, their body parts are removable/interchangeable or vibrating.

An important difference is that sex dolls are not sex robots. Sex robots are electronically animated and equipped with more technology. As to who invented sex dolls, they date back to the 1700s when sailors used cloth sewn fabric for sex on long voyages.

How are sex dolls made?

Now that you know what a sex doll is, the next question you may want to ask is how they are made.

It is a fairly simple process.

Step 1. A mixture of chemicals and powders is mixed together and poured into the moulded shape of the doll. The manufacturer may be responsible for assembling the various parts, such as the torso, hands, feet and face.

Step 2. The skeleton is made by hand. It is in most cases made from PVC pipe and steel joints, but in some cases lightweight metal may be used. Each part of the skeleton is designed to be flexible and moveable. This allows you to move the sex doll to any position you like.

Once the liquid mixture has cooled, the mould is removed from it and the maker begins the next step in the process of forming the doll by hand.

Step 4. The doll must be cleaned after it has been completely removed from the mould. You may even get a high gloss finish, the manufacturer prefers a shiny smooth finish.

Step 5. Inspect the sex doll to ensure that all rough edges are removed, then clean the sex doll again.

Step 6. Add genitals or clean thoroughly and check the anal and vaginal holes to ensure you enjoy the experience.

How do sex dolls work on the to-do list?

So, now you know how they are made, what they are and rather how to do sex dolls work?

Well, female sex dolls are made from a fully working vagina. Male sex dolls have a penis attached. In short, these are the best masturbation toys on the planet. No matter where you place them, they look and feel like the real thing.

Essentially, they are a virtual sex partner, concerned only with giving you pleasure. They’re going to live out your sexual fantasies in a good way very well. Want to know how to use a sex doll? Well, it’s easy, just have fun. No need to worry about how to use sex dolls to please you. Just enjoy it as if you were doing the real thing.

What does a sex doll feel like?

The best sex dolls are made from modern TPE or silicone materials. They are designed to feel like the real thing. Soft to the touch and completely realistic, they are a great alternative to the real thing. If you’re looking for a man to fuck a sex doll, or just want to know what it’s like to fuck one yourself, you can find people who have sex with sex dolls on porn sites, or buy your own!




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.