You’re not the only one with a hand fetish!

3 min readDec 4, 2021

What is a hand fetish

A hand fetish is a sexual attraction to the hands. Both men and women can have a hand fetish. A hand fetish may include sexual attraction to specific areas such as the fingers, palms, back of the hand and/or nails, or to specific actions performed by the hand. This fetish may manifest as a desire to experience physical interaction or as a source of sexual fantasy. Examples include fingering, manual work, finger sucking and palm licking.

Hand fetishes are not uncommon

For many women and men, the hand is the first thing they focus on. People believe that hands can tell the story of a lifetime. Some men are turned on by the hands of a clearly defined woman. Some men like a woman to have elegant hands and slender fingers, and like her to wear a ring. Some hand worshippers like to see people with manicured nails.

Some men are starting to realise that they like it when people wash their hands. They can watch soap adverts many times. Some submissive men like to be choked by women or have their mouths covered and told to shut up. Some men like to watch people spank or do different things. It all comes down to personal preference. Choose whatever turns you on, whether it’s the look of the hand or what the hand does.

How your sex dolls can help you get rid of your hand fetish

There are many sexy activities for people with twisted hands and here are some ideas to help you get started.

Holding your sex doll in your hand

You have a twisted knot. Start by gently holding your hands with your fingertips and then slowly connect them to each other. Keep staring into your sex doll’s eyes. Do everything very slowly and quietly. Then just stay in that position. Both of you will be overwhelmed by the electricity of the first contact, the intimacy and vulnerability of the gaze and the reassurance of the interconnection. You are both like two slaves who have been allowed some freedom, who have found each other, but have nothing else to do but hold hands and stare and explore the sensation of touch.

Take a picture with your sex doll

Your sex doll is your very own hand model. You can have her in many poses and explore which position you prefer. It’s free and works on your terms. It will only partially satisfy your hunger. With her long, slender fingers and coloured nails, it’s a joy just to look at! You can see her veins, the little freckles on her hands. Her hands are so beautiful and so real.

Try some toys to make your sex doll obsessed hands

You would be shocked at the number of tools available on the internet for hand fetishists. So, if you want to explore your fantasies, why not go all the way? Buy one or two and try them out. You can easily order them online and have them delivered to your doorstep. I highly recommend the masturbation gloves. It’s much more exciting when your sex doll gives you a hand job.

Sex gloves for sex dolls

Try sucking your hand with your sex doll

Many of them don’t claim to be obsessed with hands and enjoy sucking them. First, wash your sex doll and your hand thoroughly. Then go ahead and try hand sucking as a form of foreplay. Both of you can explore sucking and having fun. You can both also find videos of people sucking their hands and watch them together. Don’t be surprised when you see someone sucking their hand.

Put your hand on your sex doll.

Just like you, your sex doll opens with your hand. She likes it when you stroke her hand. Put your hands on her breasts, on her arms, in her hair, on her thighs, hold her hands …… She especially likes your hands inside her. It is so sensual. They come in all types and you can choose the sex doll you want depending on the type you like, they can be young sex dolls, mature sex dolls, anime sex dolls and so on




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.